Thursday, February 15, 2007

Refresher Math

I chewed on the pencil as I willed myself to sit still. The more I moved the worse it was. But oh I ached to move. No, more than that. I ached to slide a hand inside my jeans and finger myself to a shaking orgasm. I was exquisitely, excruciatingly aware of every thick inch of the plug in my ass.

It had been there all day, since first thing in the morning. He had called me several times to torture me with his voice. Deep, sexy, vibrating in my core. He'd made me listen to him cum. He'd made me touch myself and beg to cum. And he had said no.

God how I love him.

I looked up at the clock and realized I'd let precious minutes float by. If I didn't do well on this test he would not be pleased. As much as the thought of a punishment sent shivers through me that hardened my nipples, the thought of a lecture and his disappointment quickly quelled those thoughts.

I focussed my thoughts on the problems on the paper in front of me and tried to keep still. The questions weren't all that hard but I had a mental block with math, and I was nervous enough about returning to college after such a long break. He was using the thick twisted rubber in my ass to help me focus by giving me something tangible to block out instead of getting lost in my nervousness. He was helping me by torturing me and it was working. I would ace this test and make him proud. And I would give him the pleasure of begging and whimpering and groveling for him to give me the sweet release of cumming for him. I bit my lower lip as the thought that he might make me wait until the grade was in crossed my mind. I looked up to see the teacher watching me. I smiled and lowered my eyes slowly to my paper, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. Daddy had picked out an innocent enough top for me to wear tonight, a loose vneck that gapped just right so that when the teacher walked around the room to make sure noone was cheating he could look straight down it and see the lavender lace bra that held my large breasts high and tight.

I knew he had noticed, he had walked by my table several times already. Knowing he was enjoying the sight made me blush, knowing it would please Daddy made me squirm, squirming made me all the more aware of the plug. Oh how I needed to cum!

This was the first big test of the class. I had two more to go. Daddy's goal was for me to give the teacher a blowjob before the end of the semester. He promised no disappointment if it didn't happen. He also promised a reward if it did. He was coaching me in small steps to attract and entice the teacher. I had open instructions to follow through whenever the opportunity seemed right. I knew a night like this would be the best opportunity but neither of us thought it likely to happen tonight. I was to view this as a bit of a dress rehersal. Daddy wanted me to push the limits of my comfort zone but not to scare the teacher away.

The teacher was a middle aged man. He had a bit of a belly and thinning hair. He had kind eyes. He seemed bored with teaching this class but didn't take it out on his students. He didn't wear a ring. I did. I made sure to mention a husband. It was important to Daddy that the teacher knew I was married, that I wanted to cheat with him. He wanted the teacher's ego to be boosted but didn't want him pressing for a relationship.

I finally finished my test but didn't get up to turn it in. Instead as I did as I had been instructed and spent the rest of the test time clenching and unclenching my anus around the plug. My clit was contracting in time with my anus and I was sure the entire room could hear my heart beating louder. I knew my breathing was becoming more shallow, but I concentrated on not letting it be loud. I had to lace my fingers and press my palms together on the table to keep myself grounded. I kept looking at the clock, noticing that now time was moving much slower.
One by one my classmates finished their tests and went up to the front of the room to turn them in. I heard the sounds of talking receeding down the hall as groups of them discussed how they had done.

Finally there was only one other student left. A women a decade or so older than me. She glanced around and saw that I was the only other one left. I gave her a look trying to convey that I wasn't about to go anywhere. She finally made her way to the front and I overheard part of her nervous conversation with the teacher. He reassured her and walked her to the door, then turned to face me.

He glanced up at the clock. There were only a few minutes remaining in the scheduled class time. "About finished up?" He asked, gesturing to my test laying neatly in front of me. I nodded and giggled a bit self-conciously.

He smiled, "No need to be so nervous. It's just the first test and I'm sure you did fine. Your homework shows that you grasp the concepts." I smiled again and dipped my head, biting my lower lip.

"Thank you. I just get so nervous with tests." He made his way back toward the front of the classroom and I made a point of standing just as he was level with my table so that he had to brush past me. I followed closely and quietly behind him. He turned and seemed to be about to speak when he found himself face to face with me. I took a tiny step back and put my test in the slight space between us.

He gave a nervous little laugh and took the test in his hand. I let go slowly and as he lowered the test, I leaned close again. He pushed his glasses up on his nose, not that they had slipped down. "I'm um flattered," he said, "but you really don't need to resort to this to get a good grade." He laughed, trying to make it a joke and let me off the hook.

I blushed. It was now or never. I was making my move and either would be rejected and humiliated and still have to sit through the rest of the semester, or I would suceed and make Daddy proud. Either way I was incredibly nervous.

I smiled at the teacher, knowing my cheeks were bright red. "I don't care about the grade." I paused and giggled, "Well, I do care about the grade. But this has nothing to do with that." I slid a hand down and gently cupped him though the polyester-blend. He gasped and I braced myself for him to pull away.

"Then, uh, what is this about? Mrs." The rest was lost in a small moan as my thumb found the head of his penis through the fabric and made tiny circles over the tip. I could feel his balls grow heavier in my hand.

I licked his bottom lip lightly. His mouth was forming a small "o", his eyes half closed. I wondered if I was fulfilling any long standing teacher fantasies for him. I wasn't exactly the teeny bopper college student he might have fantasized about, but I was hoping I would do the trick. My ass throbbed around the plug, my cunt was sopping wet. My voice was husky and low as I spoke barely above a whisper and only an inch from his mouth. "Desire. Fantasy." I brought my lips close to his, brushing them feather light against his mouth before reaching my other hand down to begin undoing his pants.

He regained his composure for a moment. "Not here," he managed to get out. I looked behind me and realized we were still in the brightly lit room, standing in front of the desk. A window looked into the hallway in the door straight across the room from where we stood. Not many people would be in the school at this time of night but it would not do to have a janitor, a student, or even another teacher walk in on us.

He took me by the hand and half dragged me through the side exit of the room. It led to a dead end hall with bathrooms and a small room that served as an office for several of the night teachers. He started to lead me there, but I knew what Daddy would like. I shook my head and headed toward the men's bathroom. He began to protest, but I shook my head and reached for his crotch again, leading him forward with gentle tugging there.

I entered the men's room and did a quick check for something to block the door with. I found a wooden doorstop and wedged that under the door. It wouldn't stop someone who wanted to get in badly, but it would give us warning before they came in.

I turned back to him and kissed him hotly, my tongue seeking his, my teeth gently nibbling his lower lip. He returned my kiss with wet eagerness, his hands tangling in my long wavy hair. He pulled back and looked at me, starting to say something but I shushed him gently and put a finger against his lips. I pulled him to the farthest of the three stalls, wider than the others for wheelchair access, though just as smelly and littered with toilet paper. I drew him in with me and firmly pressed him back against a wall as I knelt and undid his pants.

He started to speak but no real words came out; only gutteral sounds came from him even before my hands freed his cock from his briefs, my eager tongue licking the thick drops of glistening precum before I drew him deep into my mouth.

I worked him hard, Daddy's image in my mind the whole time. I was doing this for him, to him. I was his to serve, to please. My cunt juices soaked into my jeans. I could not cum, I would not cum, but that didn't stop my hips from working back and forth, fucking the air, my clit grinding against the crotch seam of my jeans, my ass squeezing the plug spasmodically.

He was so passive as I fucked him with my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't pop off immediately. I knew he was enjoying himself by the stifled moans he let out despite the fact that one fist was shoved against his mouth and the other was slowly beating against the wall.
My jaw began to tire and while I realized that he was just as hard and was obviously enjoying it, I also began to wonder if he was going to be able to cum. I wondered if I was missing something he needed or wanted. I stopped and pulled back, looking up at him. He gazed down at me. I reached up and took hold of his wrists, putting his hands on the back of my head. "Use me," I managed to gasp out. He paused for what seemed like a long moment, I'm sure it just seemed like that because my heart was pounding so fast. I had just long enough to take a deep breath before his fingers curled into my hair and tightened, then he began to fuck my mouth hard. I gripped his buttocks to keep my balance and revelled in the glory of being used for Daddy's pleasure.

Once he started pounding me it didn't take him long to cum. He held my head tight so that my face was pressed against him. I could feel him shuddering as he shot thick gobs into my throat. I choked a little but he held me tight and I heard his moan echo off the walls as he finished. He gave a final jerk, tugging on my hair hard as he did. It was too much, I couldn't hold back. It wasn't the earth shattering cum I would have had if Daddy had allowed it, but I still couldn't deny I had orgasmed as I shuddered from head to toe.

He came back to himself and relexed his grip on my hair. He started to push me back but I resisted. I spent a few moments nursing on his cock, soft purring moans escaping my lips as I gently sucked him to softness.

I kneeled back and smiled up at him as I pulled his pants back up. He let me redress him, hands stroking my hair. He helped me rise and reached with a hand to fondle my breasts. "Your turn," he said with a smile. I gently removed his hand, smiling at him. I shook my head and kissed him lightly.

"This was for you," I told him. That wasn't the entire truth, but it would do. I checked my watch and realized it was getting late. I would be missed soon and I still had to stop somewhere and clean up. It wouldn't do to go home smelling of sex. I exited the stall and checked my face and hair in the mirror. He walked out after me, looking happily dishevelled.

"Will we do this again?" He asked, trying to be casual.

I turned and smiled at him. "I'm not sure yet. But you'll be the first to know." My smile was genuine. I was on a high. I knew I was in trouble for cumming, and for that I was sorry, but it didn't matter. I knew Daddy was going to be so proud of me. I couldn't wait until I could hear his voice rumbling in my ear. I squeezed the plug in my ass delightedly as I made my way to my car.


I awoke from a dream of being fucked hard in the ass only to be disappointed by the realization that I just needed to shit. Shit does not turn me in on in any form. But having my ass full does. My ass loves cock - real or rubber, pounding or vibrating.

Yes, I am an ass slut. Among other things.

I am also an attention slut. And a bondage slut. And a spanking slut. And - 'scuse me as I start to get squirmy - just a general slut. Mostly I am a lonely "little girl" who loves to please her Daddy. I have a deep ache to be cherished and punished, praised corrected, utterly controlled and owned.

I am currently without a Daddy. But with the dreams I've been having lately I certainly need an outlet. So here I share with you my memories, my dreams, my fantasies, my deepest desires. You can speculate which are real and which aren't if you like. I hope you enjoy. Perhaps in this small way I can serve.